Technical Site Visits by MOD

We are currently on site constructing the new build of Staynor Hall Primary School for North Yorkshire County Council. As part of our commitment to leaving a legacy on each site, our main focus on this project has been to organise a series of innovative technical visits by a specialist team of ‘Royal Engineers’ from the Ministry Of Defence (MOD).

The MOD staff who have attended site are from civil, mechanical and electrical backgrounds. It is this team of MOD staff who are responsible for setting up MOD camps overseas to ensure that services and structures are in place before ground troops arrive. For example, it was these MOD staff who attended site that had set up the camps in Afghanistan during the conflict. The purpose of their visit was to observe a large site in various stages of the project cycle; they were also particularly interested in renewable and sustainable technologies.

The first and second site visits made by the MOD staff consisted of the following:-

A third visit is scheduled and this will take place in line with our construction programme and the MOD’s requirements as they were particularly keen to view the mechanical and electrical first and second fixes.

After the visit we received the following thank you from Royal Engineer SSgt Haribahadur Thapa, “On behalf of the team I would like to express our sincere thanks for your time for the site visit today in Staynor Hall.  The visit was very useful and we appreciate the opportunity to see the site.”

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