Our Philosophy

The company aims to achieve its vision and objectives through a culture which adopts the following four core values:


Our approach is simple, total commitment to a responsible stewardship of the natural environment and achieving quality in all aspects of our work. To deliver zero defects excellence, in the provision of services to our clients, by producing a quality structure, safely, within budget and to programme, through our commitment to continuous improvement and the dedication of all our Directors, Managers and employees. The company will continue to train and develop employees to maximise their own potential and their value to the business, producing a multi-skilled flexible workforce.

“Here at Parkinson, we understand and look to support the long term objectives of our clients.  Like them, we aim to create inspirational facilities suitable for the 21st century.  Corporate Social Responsibility is a key driver for Parkinson and we are very proud of the achievements that have been accomplished. We aim to leave a lasting legacy on all contracts we complete to provide added value to the client, end users and the local community.”

Ray Eyre

Managing Director

“They (Parkinson) have embraced the partnering ethos and continue to deliver projects to a good standard.”

Manchester City Council