We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as a framework partner across numerous lots of the YORbuild 2 Construction Framework.

The framework lots have been split by value and we have been appointment to the following values and areas:-

  • East Region Lot 1 up to £250k
  • North Region A Lot 1 up to £250k  & Lot 2 £250k – £1 million
  • North Region B Lot 1 up to £250k & Lot 2 £250k – £1 million
  • North Region C Lot 1 up to £250k
  • South Region Lot 1 up to £250k & Lot 2 £250k – £1 million
  • West Region Lot 2 £250k – £1 million

The four regional Local Authorities which collaborated as a’ Project Team’ to procure the framework are as follows:-

  • North Region – Scarborough Borough Council
  • East Region – East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • South Region  – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council
  • West Region  – Leeds City Council

The framework will involve all types of construction projects for a number of different clients including local authorities, public sector bodies or third sector organisations who buy into the YORbuild 2 framework.