Our Community

It is our vision to leave a lasting legacy by providing a number of positive social, economic and environmental impacts in all of the communities we live and work. We actively seek opportunities to support and develop communities by working closely with; residents, charities, councils, small businesses, educational bodies and vital amenities that shape the very foundations of our community.

As part of our commitment to supporting local communities each year we select a number of organisations to sponsor and charities to financially support. We recognise that it is our moral and ethical duty to give back and help to support those most in need.

Our health and safety mascot called Isla Be Safe visits a number of schools across the North of England to educate children of the dangers on construction sites in a fun and interactive way.

We know that there is a huge skills shortage within the construction industry. Each year we work with a number of local schools to facilitate construction engagement events and activities, deliver careers talks and fairs to engage with young people.

Every year our employees are supported to actively participate in volunteering initiatives in order to support our local communities, raise awareness and monetary donations towards the charitable causes that mean the most to them.